Our Divided Country, USA in Pieces - Voting?

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

I was reading a news article over the weekend about places that were boarding up their windows now, in anticipation of riots based on the elections today.

In essence, both sides FEAR the other side and what crazy thing they are going to do.

Having different views from each other is the very bigotry and hate that we are all trying to solve.

Of course, I have personal views on what side of any debate is correct (though I admit there is no extreme I have ever agreed with). I am happy to debate with anyone, except someone who doesn't actually want to debate which I think is where we have a problem.

I can't help and think, while looking at the divide that has been created here in the USA, who is profiting from this?

To rile someone up so much that they are ready to commit violence in the name of their cause, is not how we change or fix the world. So, what does someone get when the violence reaches these levels?

We all know that when we are born hatred for another human must be taught to the child (lots of memes and such exist to prove this point).

However, I would never fear the other side so much as to plan to hate them before anything has happened.

We live in a country where every citizen gets to vote and express their desire for the government. The 2020 election is turning in to one of the largest vote turn outs in some time.

The fact that we are becoming part of government again is great. Turn out has been less than great in the voting department for some time, so I think we are going to require some work to really make the government the people want.

In the meantime, we are going to have to learn to live with each other. Maybe stop listening to the fear and hate from others and while we never have to agree if we don't want to, we can learn what real debate is like.

Here is to 2020 be the beginning of government really representing the people and all citizens learning how to make their voices heard.

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