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Updated: Nov 17, 2020

While I believe at any time in our history it has been important to understand how our government works, I think in the year 2020 the urgency to understand the system has increased a thousand fold.

The United States of America pioneered a government which was meant to be run by the people of the country. The system was created to try and prevent over-reaching government control.

The only way to keep this in place, to ensure we continue as a government which is run by the people and not some power grab or power hungry individual, is if we - THE PEOPLE - understand and use the power we have.

I am not here to focus on a particular political stance or view, I truly believe that everyone, all their views, both sides of any issues, have the exact same right to express these views.

Who you vote for, directly effects the outcome of the policies that are implemented country-wide, but also state-wide and even within your own city.

Knowing which issues you want to change, and how the different parts of government work to manage those issues; you may be surprised how important your vote is for a lesser known or lower level position is. While of course, voting for the President is important, your county Board of Supervisors may be just as important for your everyday life.

Most Americans, young and old, don't really understand how the government that makes the laws, rules and taxes, which effect our everyday life, actually works.

So here we go, join me in learning about the government. Whether for your future (those learners not of voting age yet, but wanting to get familiar) or for your present (those of us of voting age), it is important that you understand what we are doing here in the United States of America.

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