Human Rights in 2020

This year has been challenging, to say the least. I have been struggling with my feelings through-out this time, having felt all sorts of emotions as we try to move forward.

I have been teaching about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights since 2013, traveling mostly around California, but have also spoken in Florida in person and multiple states via Zoom and other technology. In 2018 I traveled to Washington D.C. to receive the Presidential Volunteer Service Award.

Through-out that time I have seen and heard stories on issues across the boards, covering all 30 of these human rights. Some part of me knew that all these issues were eventually going to come to a head, that we needed to acknowledge and work on the solutions.

While, I had hoped that we would be able to work this out through our existing systems it appears that the issues have exploded.

Some areas are having a louder and more troubles than others, but I do believe we let the problems progress too far and now we have the explosion. However, I do believe no matter what the genie of human rights issues won't be going back in any bottle and now is the time to come together and truly figure this out.

I want to thank all who have awoken to the problems or our society and have worked to make their voices heard. Your commitment to be the voice of those who have been silent for so long is amazing.

Now we have reached the time to solve these problems, and violence has not been the solution. Instead, we must follow the successful steps of Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and Gandhi.

You will find out there are many other voices, mine and thousands others, who will help you make the change we so desperately need.

Thank you and lets solve it now.

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