Closing out 2020

I am happy that all I know and love made it through the Thanksgiving holidays here in the United States. We all worked out how to best celebrate our gratitude and love for each other.

In talking with others, I am always renewed and inspired on how much a little knowledge goes in creating peace for a person. With knowledge comes understanding and then a place from which to proceed to the next step.

My short and sweet note, amongst the crazy holidays and the overall crazy 2020 is gain knowledge. Become more able to operate in this world with more knowledge.

This can be about your immediate future and immediate environment. Where does that latte actually come from?

This can be about bigger picture things, my classes on how the United States Government works, read the US Constitution, find out about your human rights, or more.

But somehow, gain knowledge, become better at surviving this year and the next, and the next.

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