Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

We just celebrated the signing of the declaration on December 10th, this years theme from the United Nations was Recover Better - Stand Up for Human Rights.

I am so used to hearing all about the celebrations for this anniversary and the parades and reach out for improvements and changes in our world and this year was a little different..

It was a quieter than usual celebration for me, I taught several classes to learners from 8 to 40s year old which was great. We had many interesting conversations about the world we are in and what we need to do (while I always enjoy talking with the everyone, it was particularly interesting to hear from the younger crowd this year).

I feel like I have spent a lot of time recently feeling a little lost in this strange world. There are so many changes we are going through.

Then I listened to my 8-year-old class of learners and am reminded of how amazing humans are all over again. These kids were excited for their future, excited to see the world grow in to a new and better place. They weren't stuck in the present and the worry of what is happening now, while most of them realized that we weren't in a good place now, they honestly felt we could make it better.

Some of my older learners were so buried in the worries of their present world, it was hard for them to think of any future place that would be better. They looked to me to help them envision this future place and while I am usually pretty good at that, I admit that this year I took some inspiration from the youngest learners.

I never envision a world where we ignore what is happening, but putting the better future out there, and then taking steps to reach it, is really the only way I can see us all staying sane in his crazy place.

So, my usual ending for all my human rights classes is even more urgent:

Teach 10 people about human rights, and tell them to teach 10.

If we all did that, just 10, then it would only take 10 layers of the simplest and most important MLM ever to reach the ENTIRE POPULATION OF EARTH.

We can do this.

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