Andromeda Edison
Founder and Educator

I hold certificates in the area of human rights training as well as certificates on training others to teach about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  I have lectured in the area of government structure and how to get involved with no prejudices based on issues or passions. 

My own passion is to help everyone understand how the United States government works so they can make their voices heard whether as a citizen or eventually working from within government.

In 2018 I was awarded the Presidential Volunteer Service Award in Washington D.C. for my work in spreading awareness on human rights both at a grassroots level, as well as in the halls of government.

As a citizen lobbyist I have worked in both California and Florida government as well as advised in matters in Oregon and Texas.  This has been in relation to not only working to create laws but working to prevent bills from becoming laws that violated the founding documents of our country and states.

While I of course have political feelings and leanings, I believe ALL citizens should know and be able to use their rights and effect the change which they are passionate about.

I am an avid reader and have read most of the Classics (in English), as well as enjoying historical fiction, biographies, mystery, fantasy and science fiction.

My love of reading includes government documents, after re-reading  (high school being some time ago at this point) the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights I realized how easy it is to NOT understand what they say.

This has only led to my increased passion to make sure the citizens of the United States are able to understand the documents on which this country was founded.

Fun note: I have been homeschooling my three kids since 2018. We have two cats, but the kids each have a pet that they want which would result in two cats, a frog, a bunny and a snake (not sure about this combination).

Refund Policy

Full refund available with notice given via email 24 hour prior to the class starting.

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